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>> Company:

We handles a wide ranging corporate client base. Amongst the services are:

  • The  formation, acquisition, disposal, re-structuring and mergers of companies.
  • The drafting and negotiating of all agreements.
  • The day to day running of company affairs.
  • Investment consultancy and Stock.
  • Foreign Invesment Vietnam.

>> Commercial and Finance:

Amongst the services provided by this active department are:

  • The drafting and negotiating of all commercial contracts, terms and distribution agreements.
  • We have also advised on advertising, promotion, import and export, customs, product safety and labelling, and warranty.
  • Project finance and bank loan.

>> Real Property:

The property related work broadly comprises:

  • The sale and purchase of real property.
  • Financing, construction, development, ownership, management, and operation of real estate, resort and hotel - related assets.
  • The granting, disposal or acquisition of leases.
  • The drafting and negotiating of EPC contracts, design and Project management contracts.

>> Maritime and insurance:

  • Assisting customers in maritime claims for loss of import and export goods by sea, hull loss,...
  • Carry out seizure of vessels and / or release of captured vessels.
  • Ask the Insurance Company to compensate for cargo loss and ship loss.
  • Insurance company representative (sovereign) requires a third party to compensate for loss of cargo, loss of hull.
  • Assisting customers in maritime financial transactions such as shipbuilding contract, vessel sale & purchase agreement, ship management contract, charter party, ship mortgage contracts, general average, bill of lading, ...
  • >> Labor:

    We deals with all aspects of labor law including:

    • Labor regulations, such as preparation of labor contracts, preparation and negotiation of collective labor agreenments with Vietnamese employees, and all other matters relating to social insurance, lobor regimes, labor disputes.

    >> Crime:

    We defend clients’ rights in criminal proceedings of any kind.

    >> Administrative Procedure:

    Amongst the services provided by our firm are:

    • The obtaining of grants of license and Letters of Administration.
    • We represent client before State bodies.

    >> Litigation:

    We represent clients before Vietnamese courts & Arbitrations in the following areas:

    • Debt collection.
    • Insolvency / Bankruptcy.
    • Maritime / Insurance.
    • Commercial and contractual disputes.
    • Inheritance disputes.
    • Corporate disputes.
    • Land Use Rights and Building disputes.
    • Administrative procedure.
      Company | Commercial and Finance | Real Property | Maritime and Insurance | Labor | Crime | Administrative Procedure | Litigation